Hey there, folks!  John here.  I’ve got some exciting news about the brand new project I’ve recently launched out of financial desperation and intellectual curiosity: Operation Backlog Slog.

Beginning December 1st, I swore off purchasing any new music, movies, TV shows, video games, graphic novels until I finish my existing stockpile of each.  I haven’t done a full inventory yet, but I’ve got at least 10 video games, 10 graphic novels (here, plus hundreds back home), two high-capacity DVD binders full of movies and TV shows and several albums to go through.  In order to keep me on track (and to offer some potentially helpful recommendations to you, dear reader), I’ll be posting some details about what I’ve consumed here on WITWAR.

Here’s a running list of everything I’ve reviewed as part of OBS, organized by category:

Property Creator(s) Medium Episode #
All Marketers Are Liars Seth Godin Book 7
Extraordinary Engines Nick Gevers Book 9
His Dark Materials Phillip Pullman Book 9
Made to Stick Chip Heath and Dan Heath Book 7
Permission Marketing Seth Godin Book 7
The Antarctic Express Kenneth Hite and Christina Rodriguez Book 7
The Art of Deception Kevin Mitnick Book 2
The Difference Engine William Gibson and Bruce Sterling Book 9
The Princess Bride William Goldman Book 11
What Would Google Do? Jeff Jarvis Book 6
Aetheric Mechanics Warren Ellis and Gianluca Pagliarani Comic 3
Doom Patrol Vol. 1 Grant Morrison, Richard Case and others Comic 11
FreakAngels Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield Comic 9
Girl Genius Omnibus Vol. 1 Phil and Kaja Foglio Comic 9
Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 David Petersen Comic 1
New X-Men Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely and others Comic 10
Night Trippers Mark Ricketts and Micah Farritor Comic 1
The Five Fists of Science Matt Fraction and Steven Sanders Comic 4
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill Comic 9
The Stuff of Legend Mike Raicht, Brian Smith and Charles Paul Wilson III Comic 4
Asus Eee PC Netbook (1005 series) Asus Hardware 5
Pogoplug Pogoplug Inc. Hardware 10
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon Anchor Bay Entertainment Movie 10
Sherlock Holmes Warner Bros. Movie 9
Steamboy Katsuhiro Otomo Movie 9
WALL-E Pixar/Disney Movie 2
Act II: The Father of Death Protomen Music 11
Aether Shanties Abney Park Music 9
Album Minus Band Bomb the Music Industry! Music 3
Behold the Machine Vernian Process Music 9
Blackout Dropkick Murphys Music 7
Do or Die Dropkick Murphys Music 7
Glee: The Music Glee Cast (FOX) Music 7
Greetings from Imrie House The Click Five Music 3
High Speed Access to Brain Rehasher Music 11
Pin Points and Gin Joints The Mighty Mighty BossTones Music 8
Sink or Swim The Gaslight Anthem Music 8
Stop, Drop and Roll! Foxboro Hot Tubs Music 10
The ’59 Sound The Gaslight Anthem Music 8
The Boy Who Knew Too Much Mika Music 8
The Chainsaw Trio Chainsaw Trio Music 11
The Fame / The Fame Monster Lady Gaga Music 8
The Protomen Protomen Music 11
This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Stephanie White and the Philth Harmonic Music 7
Vox Inferne The World/Inferno Friendship Society Music 11
We Started Nothing The Ting Tings Music 8
Who Killed Amanda Palmer? Amanda Palmer Music 1
NSFW Show The TWiT Network Podcast 10
Psycho Planet Radio The Subculture Collective Podcast 4
Punky! Radio Pauly B and Butch Tony Podcast 4
This Week in Google The TWiT Network Podcast 4
This Week in Tech The TWiT Network Podcast 4
Anti-Virus Guard AVG Software Software 5
Digsby Digsby Software 5
Firefox Mozilla Software 5
Google Chrome Google Software 5
Google Desktop Google Software 5
Google Talk Google Software 5
Google Voice Google Software 5
Google Wave Google Software 5
MalwareBytes Anti-Malware MalwareBytes Software 5
Paint.NET The Paint.NET Project Software 5
Raven Zoundry Software 5
Thunderbird Mozilla Software 5
Doctor Who: The Next Doctor BBC TV Show 9
Jim Henson’s The Storyteller Jim Henson Studios TV Show 1
White Collar USA Network TV Show 1
Audiosurf Invisible Handlebar / Valve Studios Video Game 8
Guitar Hero: World Tour Activision Video Game 1
Half-Minute Hero XSeed Video Game 1
LEGO Rock Band Harmonix Video Game 10
Mega Man 10 Capcom Video Game 11
Mega Man 9 Capcom Video Game 11
Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Hothead Games and Penny Arcade Video Game 9
Phantasy Star Universe SEGA Video Game 3
Shadow Complex Epic Games Video Game 8
Splosion Man Twisted Pixel Games Video Game 10
Spyborgs Capcom Video Game 1
The Maw Twisted Pixel Games Video Game 10
The Orange Box Valve Studios Video Game 1
iGoogle Google Website 5
InterFace Lift InterFace Lift Website 5
Teux Deux Teux Deux Website 5

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