My Email to Buzz Out Loud

I’m a big fan of the good folks at C|Net’s “Podcast of Indeterminate Length” known as Buzz Out Loud, and since I actually had something relevant to their show to add for once (in other news, I permanently deleted my Facebook account,) I figured I’d write in.  In case they don’t read my email on the show, here’s what I said:

Hey MoRaJas,

I was sad to hear the story you featured in ep. 1239 regarding Quit Facebook Day’s big fizzle.  I had been a Facebook user since it was (my college), and after years of watching everything I valued about the site erode like so much Jersey coastline (and fill up with garbage like it, too) I decided to vote with my demographics and quit for good.  But apparently Leo LaPorte and I were the only ones brave enough to go through with it!  Now that QFBD over, my question is: Do I go crawling back to the one that did me wrong, or stick with it for the sake of principles and the right to complain?

Love the show/show the love,


Incidentally, if you’re a Buzz Out Loud fan and you miss the wry-yet-wholesome wit of Tom Merritt (I’m looking at you, PetPluto,) be sure to check out his new show Tech News Today on the TWiT Network.


4 Responses

  1. You should totally come back!!! Because I miss your face!

    Also, thanks for tracking down Tom for me! I was too lazy to do it myself, but I’ve now subscribed and look forward to listening.

  2. I will be listening!! And, along with Pet, I think you should come back (I was ready to write my own post on Why You Shouldn’t Quit Facebook). Please write your own post on your reasons.

  3. I have now listened to both episodes of TNT that have been published, and I’ve already sent you a text about how much I love it, but I felt like I should ALSO mention it here. So, John, thank you so much for giving me Tom Merritt’s new show. It is incredible. I may (MAY) love it more than BOL. And as much as Tom sometimes irritates me, I also love him to pieces.

    It helps that the last episode I listened to analyzed some of Steve Jobs’ talk at the D8, and we all know how I feel about Jobs. But I think it was just missing Tom from my life that made my workday podcasts a little blah-er.

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