Why John Won’t Be Posting

John, as he posted in his How I Became Who I Am: My Most Influential Reading List, is a sometime Culture Jammer. And this week, he is going to be participating in Digital Detox Week.

Because of that, he won’t be here. Posting. Or checking his e-mail. Or Facebook. Or doing anything related to Twitter.

He seems to be doing well, so far. He told me specifically that he is not missing the tech at all. And as a perk, he may actually have some time for breakfast. Which is, if anyone is interested, a cup of microwaved hot chocolate in the comfort of his home, and possibly some warm Pop Tarts.

Also, both John and I had forgotten about Velociraptor Awareness Day. Which was, apparently, today. So, here is something for that as well:

And also this:

Have a great week, and John’ll be back posting soon.


2 Responses

  1. I want to participate! However, I will need to be using my Internet, at least for some important things. My detox week was actually last week, for vacation. But kudos! I absolutely, 100%, believe in this.

  2. Hey guys, I have been reading for a while so thought I would finally post. I’m a little shy because I’m a girl and it seems there are mostly guys here but I wanted to know why it seems you guys don’t have lives. Are the guys with very high post counts really better posters than the ones with less?

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