John’s going on strike, to save a life. Sort of.

The Bowel Disruptor: harmless fiction, or the instrument of Petplutos demise?

The Bowel Disruptor: harmless fiction, or the instrument of Petpluto's demise?

A while back (around New Year’s-ish) I issued an ultimatum to fellow WITWAR administrator Petpluto:  Either she would finish her post about the portrayal of women in comic books, or I would build an illegal bowel disruptor cannon and force her to experience a fatal intestinal maelstrom.  I gave her ample time to get her post together – she had until I reviewed 14 specific books (the last of which was Spider-Man: Blue.)  19 reviews and 30 overall posts later, I still haven’t seen so much as a draft.

I’m a reasonable man, and I don’t want to kill my friend, but she doesn’t leave me many other options.  So rather than force her to literally poop herself to death, I have decided to go on blog-strike.  It pains me to do this, though, because the second volume of Atomic Robo comes out this week and I really wanted to review it.  I may still, but I won’t publish it until the strike is over.  Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the sake of your principles, I’m told.

So if you enjoy my posts and want to read more of them anytime soon, I encourage you to go bug Petpluto until she relents and publishes her post. Her blog is Art at the Auction, and her email is

So long, my friends.  I hope we’ll meet again.

P.S.:  Pick up Atomic Robo Volume 2 at your local comic shop this Wednesday!


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