COMICS: John’s Wednesday Winners for 2/11/09

Despite the fact that I have a steadily-growing mountain of TPBs from Comic Con to work through, I couldn’t resist popping in to my local comics shop and picking up some of this week’s new releases.  Another short list this week, with only three particularly entertaining comics to speak of (Angel: After the Fall #17, Avengers/Invaders #8 and the Marvel TV: Galactus one-shot.)  I’ll take care of these in alphabetical order, in order to avoid favoritism:

After the Fall #17 (Cover A)

Angel: After the Fall #17 (Cover A)

Brian Lynch concluded his run on Angel this week with After the Fall #17, the final chapter in a story arc that picked up at the moment the series finale left off.  This issue is really a denouement (spelling?), with very little action or drama to speak of.  The Angel Investigations gang (what’s left of it, anyway) ties up as many loose ends as they can, and tries to get adjusted to the new status quo of post-post-apocalyptic (basically pre-apocalyptic) Los Angeles.  There are some fantastic Angel/Spike moments that would feel right at home in any buddy action movie, and some hilarious Spike/Beta George moments that are just plain fun.   It’s a fond farewell to the Whedon/Lynch Angel run, but strictly for those who have been invested in the story.  New readers are kindly encouraged, however, to pick up the next arc (Aftermath) which begins at the end of this month with issue #18.

Avengers/Invaders #8

Avengers/Invaders #8

Meanwhile, the middle arc of Jim Krueger and Alex Ross’s Avengers/Invaders concludes with #8, wrapping up the last of the “hero team A meets hero team B, then they fight because of a simple misunderstanding” storyline.  Just once I would like to see a crossover where that doesn’t happen! Anyway, Golden Age Human Torch makes slag of Ultron and his LMD army, while Echo shows us that sometimes it’s cool to be deaf. As usual, Spider-Man completely steals any scene he’s involved in with his comical banter that’s actually funny. I’m increasingly sure that Jim Krueger was born to write ol’ webhead, and I hope Marvel will give him a chance to in the near future.  Steve Sadowski does an adequate (though not particularly exceptional) job on art, but gets bonus points for perfectly drawing Spider-Man’s best Gollum impersonation.  I feel like this is a series that will read better when collected, though, as almost all of Krueger’s are.

Galactus - The Real Story

Marvel TV: Galactus - The Real Story

The big, pleasant surprise this week was Marvel TV: Galactus – The Real Story by Fank Tieri and Juan Santacruz.  This one-shot is Marvel’s equivalent of an E! True Hollywood Story, focusing on the Devourer of Worlds himself.  Tieri’s humor is top-notch (especially the interview with barely-obscured avenger Hawkeye) and the format works surprisingly well. I’d venture to say that someone unfamiliar with the Fantastic Four or their second-most famous arch enemy would really get a kick out of this issue, since it actually makes more sense than the in-continuity explanations for everything!  In my continuing pursuit of fun, funny Marvel books, this issue of Marvel TV is a step firmly planted in the right direction.  Now, if only we could get the Amazing Spider-Man writers to restore its humor and heart and relevance instead of its old plot threads and characters…

That’s it for this week’s winners, folks!  There were a few comics that might have rated, but weren’t worth taking home.  They included Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, Marvel Super-Heroes featuring Captain America (which did an excellent and all-ages-friendly job of juxtaposing 1940s Cap’s values and beliefs with those of modern times) and The 3 Geeks #2, which was essentially one big jab at CGC comic book grading repeated again and again over 24 pages.  I had thought that Super Human Resources #1 was due out this week as well, but my LCS hasn’t received any yet.  Keep your eyes open for that one, it’s fantastic!


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