Youngblood movie to feature guns, pouches. Feet noticeably absent.

According to Comic Book Resources (who in turn quote Variety,) Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood is being optioned as a “tentpole” movie property. Brett (X-Men 3) Ratner is set to direct.  The best part of this story?  The following quote: ““Most of the great graphic novels are gone, and Youngblood is one of the few comicbooks left with tentpole potential,” Ratner said.  This is the kind of thinking that got us ‘Bluntman and Chronic: The Movie’ in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

EDIT: It looks like Newsarama has an even more in-depth article, including an interview with Liefeld about the project.  Here’s his synopsis of the movie: ““A billion dollar-funded strike force with unlimited resources functioning as super-cops in an ultra-violent world and the media covering their every move told from the point of view of their latest and most reluctant recruit, Shaft. What’s not to love?”  What, indeed.

For those of you who don’t know Youngblood or Rob Liefeld, we have him to thank for the ’90s art style that looked like this:

Youngblood #1

Youngblood #1

X-Force #1

X-Force #1

Panel from Youngblood #1

Panel from Youngblood #1

Note the impossible physical proportions (for both men and women), the ridiculous abundance of pouches on costumes, the gigantic firearms, the ubiquitous cross-hatching, and the cleverly placed scenery objects that frequently obscure the characters’ feet.  Like it or not, this was the ’90s in comics.  And now it’s headed to a theater near you.


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