The Umbrella Academy is headed for theaters

For those who haven’t already heard, there is some big news in the comics-to-movies world this week: Universal Pictures has signed a first-look deal to bring Gerard Way’s The Umbrella Academy to the silver screen.  The rumors and speculation are flying fast and furiously, with big hollywood names such as Alfonso Cuaron (director of Y Tu Mama Tambien and Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban) and Diablo Cody (screenwriter of Juno) being tossed around.  There are also reports that Way himself has approached costume designer Colleen Atwood (lately of Sweeney Todd fame) for involvement in the picture.

While I personally feel that the best venue for an adapted version of The Umbrella Academy would be an animated series (better yet, an animated miniseries) I can understand Hollywood’s eagerness to pick up any and all comic properties that aren’t already the exclusive territory of Marvel or DC.  Umbrella Academy has the potential to be bigger than Hellboy II or Wanted, especially if the right creative team is given enough freedom (or, conversely, forced to be as true to the source material as possible) to make it more than an X-Men knock-off for the Hot Topic crowd.  Of course, I worry that Diablo Cody will have learned nothing from Juno and end up making Rumor the queen of snark and the only truly intelligent person in the universe, with the rest of the cast circling around her while trying not to bump idiotically into one another.  Then again, I’m not one to talk while Juno is still sitting unwatched in the middle of my DVD pile.



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