Google Chrome

The latest earth-shaking news from everybody’s favorite “don’t be evil” corporate giant, Google, is that they are currently beta-testing a new browser called Google Chrome.  This may not seem like much at first glance, but they certainly seem to think that it will change the way end users access the internet for the better.

In one of the smartest moves I could have possibly imagined, they enlisted the aid of superstar comic creator Scott McCloud (author of the landmark educational book Understanding Comics, among many other works) to produce a graphic primer/explanation/instruction manual for Chrome.  This works far better than any press release could have, going beyond the use of simple illustrations to genuinely create something that informs you seamlessly and equally with with both text and visual cues.  Much of the back-end information would have been incomprehensible to me as an end user, but McCloud and the Google Team make it accessible.

If Google Chrome is capable of delivering on its promises, then it will enable faster, more functional and more secure internet browsing while rivaling Apple for user-friendliness.  Are you interested?  Try out the beta and see for yourself!


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  1. i’ve been using Chrome for about a day now and it seems to be a lot faster than FireFox or IE… though i do miss the “recently closed tabs” feature in Firefox

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