Reaction to “Perry Moore II: Looking at the Gay Landscape” by John

In this article from Newsarama, comics writer Perry Moore (who has taken the role of Runaways writer from Joss Whedon starting this week with its new issue #1 EDIT: No, that’s Terry Moore, of Strangers in Paradise fame.  Mind your P’s and T’s, John!) talks about the existence and treatment of gay superheroes in comics.

The biggest problem that I have with the article is that he omits my favorite gay couple in comicdom: Apollo and The Midnighter (analogues to Superman and Batman in WildStorm Comics’ The Authority.)  These two characters were always intended by creator Warren Ellis to be a gay couple, but their sexual orientation was not stated until after StormWatch (the comic that introduced the characters) was cancelled and re-launched in “wide-screen” blockbuster fashion as The Authority.

Apollo and Midnighter get married and adopt a baby daughter (who quickly becomes the most powerful member of the team) at the end of Mark Millar’s run on The Authority and are still together in the current continuity, in case you’re interested to know how their relationship plays out.

Another fairly high-profile homosexual couple is also left out of Mr. Moore’s discussion is former Gotham City Police Officer Renee Montoya (now superhero The Question) and billionaire socialite Kate Kane (now superhero Batwoman.)  The most interestsing thing I found about this couple was the fact that the press made a HUGE to-do about Batwoman’s outing as a lesbian, with almost no mention of her love interest.  I found this somewhat surprising, considering the fact that the character of Renee Montoya began as one of the principal cast members of Batman: The Animated Series in the 1990s and made the transition to comic books afterwards.  Granted, the relationship of these two characters is not exactly role model material for young lesbians, but Renee certainly breaks more than a few stereotypes regarding lesbian superheroes (and lesbian police officers.) We’ll see further development of both characters in Greg Rucka’s Final Crisis: Revelations mini-series, the first issue of which is already on stands.

One last point of clarification: The Colossus mentioned in the article is the Colossus from the Ultimate X-Men universe, which is distinctly separate from normal Marvel continuity. Back in the 616 (also known as the Main Marvel universe) Ol’ Petey is still in love with Kitty Pryde and very upset at the recent turn of events that have put serious distance between them.


2 Responses

  1. Hey, different Perry Moore. I wrote HERO. I’d love to write comics, but i didn’t write this. Please let your favorite companies know what titles you’d like to see me write. I’d like to enthrall you with some good storytelling.
    Perry Moore
    author of HERO

    PS: Feel free to get the word out about HERO (Amazon, twitter, facebook, etc.)

  2. Ha ha! How … awkward. This is what I get for confusing Perry Moore and Terry Moore. Sorry!

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